Mix Master Online

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Mix Master Online

Post by Danlucard on 25th January 2010, 06:04

This is a MMORPG with excellents graphics 2D/3D

Mix Masters is a game where u make a player and capture monsters to do a Party, really this game appear much Ragnarok and Pokemon XD

What get?
-Free and Premium account, i like this because all the game is Free totally the unique Premium are the items
-+350 Monsters to catch, evolve and Mix with them
-Select 4 type of characters
-Thousands of Weapons, armors, and much items
-Do a Party to kill mounsters in group
-The game have the serie TV, search in youtube to see the chapters
-Level max is 120 or 200 i forget but i said never NEVER is boring

Go at Website to Register and Play


Direct Download

Page with some Formulas


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