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Mu Online

Post by Danlucard on 25th November 2010, 06:22

Mu online is a role play game 2D/3D of phantasy

Its a incredible game for have thousands of monsters: Golems, Giants, Fairy, Dragons, etc..........


- Pay for Premium Account (Optional)
- Have Weapons, armors, wings, and mounts to each class
- Create items and too combinate
- No Lag
- Systems of PvP
- System of Guild
- Diferents classes, each one with uniques skills
- Select servers (PvP, Non PvP, Premium)
- Events each month
- Quest

System Requeriments:

Minimum Requeriments

OS: Windows 9x
CPU: Pentium 3 700 Mhz
RAM: 512 MB
Video Card: 3D graphics processor
RAM: 32 MB
Driver: DirectX 8.1a

Recommended Settings

OS: Windows XP
CPU: Pentium 4 – 2.0 Ghz or higher
RAM: 1 GB or higher
Video Card: 3D graphics processor
RAM: 128 MB or higher
Driver: DirectX 9.0c or higher

Website to Sign up and Download the game:

*This game have private servers (pirate server) with diferents modes of play, but is preferable play the official for more fun and dont have problems

Search me in te Server Valhala: in the last

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