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Post by Saitonthedev on 17th June 2011, 20:39

Greetings Junkers i'm Saiton. (Pronounced Satan like the devil) My real name is Nate im 17 years old. I met King about a half a year ago. I am Russian i was born in Russia but my parents moved to america when i was 3. I am very interested in Graphic design and C++ Coding but i never can get into it enough. I in America which sucks cause alot of people don't like America cause they consider them jerks. Honestly the first RPG game i've ever played was Endless online and when it went down i was extremely bored and later found King's Private Server Epic Race Wars. So if you guys got some awesome rpg games that you think i should join tell me im currently playing TFG, and Runescape but im a dirty dirty cheater in Rs.

Anyways im pretty much rambling through this so any questions and ill see if i can answer.


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