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Post by Danlucard on 7th November 2009, 06:55

Hi gamers are u bored, lazy, nothing for do......

Ok wake up with this games!

Graal Online

Graal online is page with 4 games Flash Sad (damn flash game sux) BUT are online supersmile

The game get:

-Graal Zone : Shooter game 2D very funny all the blood flying in all the area muajajajja sorry...(appear much to Counter Strike 2D)

-Graal Kingdoms : Game MMORPG tipic buy weapons, chat, levels, quest

-Playerwords : are games of skills to think (boring!!)

-And 1 other game of Cards i think.....


I post only the page because u can play for website or download the installer ^^


Graal Kingdoms
Graal Online Gk_snap6

Graal Zone
Graal Online Graal

Graal Zone is the most played for the ranks, buy new guns and more

Recommended play Graal Zone

enjoy automatic

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Graal Online Empty Re: Graal Online

Post by armoredryu on 27th January 2010, 06:21

omg i remember this game xD i played it years ago but i htink u had to pay to play the rpg...
Just look around...
Just look around...

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